Life Stops When You Get Too Comfortable

Motorcycles are badass. It’s a fact as much as we need air to breathe—as much as we’ll die without water. I’ve been contemplating my life quite a bit lately, and if there’s one thing I know for sure: it’s that I want a motorcycle.

A friend was telling me about his work-in-progress when we were chilling out the other day. It’s not quite ready yet, but ooh-boy when it is: his bike is going to be a sexy black and green sci-fi inspiration.

“You know, eventually my goal is to move someplace without weather… probably middle or northern California… sell my car, buy a motorcycle, live in a cheap apartment—and just write. That’s the dream.”

He laughed at me—mostly because my choice in motorcycle is a ‘maintenance queen’ and partly because California is anything but cheap.

But that’s the dream: California, leather journals, a laptop, a café racer, and a cute little apartment only slightly bigger than a shoebox… with fairy lights. Always with fairy lights.  

More than anything, though, I want to live an extraordinary life—one worth remembering.

A life full of stories and travel; of passing glances and lingering loves; One full with friends and one-off conversations with strangers.

I want to be a badass—the human embodiment of intrigue and memories; as much a story as the ones I have written and the ones I’ve yet to write.

So, I want a motorcycle—not because having one will automatically make me into this ‘easy-as-Sunday-morning’-type cool chick who travels the world, but because having one in and of itself would be an experience.

When you live in too much comfort, there’s less room to grow and less desire to live life to the fullest. When you live on the edge of your seat, a place that’s not-quite comfortable—but not necessarily uncomfortable—that’s when life happens; when you’re just comfortable enough.

When you take the bus and have to sit next to strangers.

When you fly in coach.

When you move away with nothing more than a plan and just enough cash to get by.

That’s when life happens. That’s why I want a motorcycle: I never want to get too comfortable.

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via: Daily Prompt – Wheel
Photo Credit: The Hamster Factor, Outside a quaint antiques shop in Bordeaux via photopin (license)

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