Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid of the creatures

that lurk in the deep dark;

That crawl and scratch away

At your memories in the twilit night.

                 They mean well.

They feed on your nightmares

Breathe gentle stories quietly

Into your mind to ease the pain

Sucking the horror from your thoughts.

                 They do mean well.

They may nip and bite at you

From time to time, they might;

But you can’t blame them,

They won’t survive solely on dreams.

                 I swear they mean well.

                 Please believe me that they do.

It’s just that sometimes

Their teeth…

Are a little too sharp;

They bite down harder than expected;

They take more than they intended.

                 But they can’t help it.

                 They’re only trying to help.

Now, go back to sleep.


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